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“You never know what you are going to find!”

Edward Allen, CESO Volunteer Advisor December 17, 2018

I always get a little tingle of anticipation when I log into the Assignments Opportunities page . It has been after all, the starting point for over 20 CESO assignments now, each one a unique “adventure” into new cultures, business situations and enduring friendships. Each one an opportunity to share my knowledge in meaningful ways. Each one its own reward.

But why bother logging in to check? Won’t those nice CESO recruiter folks call you up to flatteringly say you’re just the “right fit” for something? Well, it can happen, but why leave these life-enhancing opportunities to chance?! Better to get stuck yourself, right?!

The reality is that nobody knows your real skills talents and cultural interests better than you. A recruiter may have a very general overview of your professional capabilities, but only you can really read an assignment outline and instinctively feel how well-suited your skills, career experiences and personal passions are for a role. And all it takes to start is a regular scan down the list of assignments.

Not all the info you want will always be there in the Assignment Profile, but a little background reading, an email or call to the recruiter (their contact information can be found in the far right column) and you should be able to get answers to questions like:

– Is there any flexibility in the assignment dates?;
– Do you think I’d be a suitable candidate based on my experience?
– Does CESO have VAs who’ve been to that region who I could talk to first?
– When do I need to submit a Letter of Application by? etc.

It might also be that, once you have actually completed your main mission to support the client, there are some wonderful opportunities for travel, adventure and cultural exchanges that you could easily “tack on” while you are there. I have lost count of how many truly wonderful people I’ve met and experiences I’ve enjoyed this way.

And it all starts with the click of a mouse….!



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