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Ginette Gagné-Koch

As a CESO Volunteer Advisor, Dr. Ginette Gagné-Koch has successfully completed a variety of impactful assignments in Canada and abroad. Ginette’s exceptional achievements exemplify both an ideal CESO volunteer and an excellent Canadian ambassador. Highlights of her successes abroad include: leading a multi-facility health organization restructuring process that increased services and reduced expenses; the establishment of business partnerships with countries such as Russia, Serbia and Slovenia; evaluation and improved health services in Saudi Arabia, Costa Rica, St-Kitts and St-Vincent; and the development of regional health services and programs among Canadian Indigenous and Inuit communities in nearly all Canadian provinces. In addition, Ginette improved the effectiveness and profile of several public and private organizations as a Director and then Chair of the CESO Board of Directors.

As Board Chair, Ginette governed CESO’s strategic plan, staffing, funding, and finances from 2003 to 2005. She stewarded the organization through many adjustments, ultimately leading to the model of social change through economic development.

Arguably her greatest achievement as a Volunteer Advisor was working with New Brunswick and other Atlantic Indigenous communities helping to catalyze the development of staff capacity in leadership and health management. Ginette taught leaders how to develop plans for health plan program management including proposal writing, developing policies and procedures, identifying and leveraging evaluation and analysis in program planning, team building and youth engagement. She accomplished these results by respecting confidentiality and by transcending cultural challenges and a potentially volatile public.

Client testimonial:

Ginette was an excellent resource [and] always available. She is a dynamic woman with a wealth of knowledge and experience. She motivated and directed at the high quality needed in the final product despite tight timelines and busy schedules…This has been for me a highly positive experience.

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