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Bryan Marshman

Bryan Marshman started his service as a CESO volunteer in 2006. Since joining CESO, Bryan has had tremendous impact on clients and partners who needed support in improving their financial and auditing systems.

Among his many assignments, Mr. Marshman has worked with the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) in several capacities and projects, including forensic auditing, operation and regulatory systems, tax risk assessment and tax fraud procedures, legislative and policy guidelines, and much more. Most recently, Bryan assumed a “Lead Volunteer Advisor” position with GRA to lead and manage a multi-year project to implement a robust information technology system, increase internal GRA staffing capacity, to strengthen voluntary compliance and to further develop tax collection laws and regulations. In China, Bryan has completed multiple assignments over multiple years to integrate Canadian best practices in tax from compliance control avoidance to the collection and revenue of source control and audit selection. He has delivered similar impactful assignments in Tanzania and Honduras, each of which not only had immediate impacts for our various partners, but had more indirect positive impacts across each country.

Client Testimonial:
During his stay with us, he showed tremendous passion for his work in finance and accounting. It’s wonderful to have volunteers, like Bryan, who willingly shares his expertise to ensure we get to where we want to be. 1-800-268-9052
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