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Bryan Fordham

Bryan Fordham has tremendously impacted lives through his service as a CESO Volunteer Advisor since 2001. An executive chef with a combined 40 years experience working within the industry and as a college instructor, Bryan is passionate about sharing his culinary knowledge and skills. As a CESO VA, he has completed over 80 assignments across Latin America, Asia and Eastern Europe. His expertise spans from restaurant and hotel management, to kitchen staff training, proving to be an invaluable resource for our clients and partners.

As a trained chef and instructor, Bryan naturally approaches each assignment as a mentor, ensuring every individual is trained and empowered to perform their employment duties. In a recent assignment to Ethiopia, he assisted in improving the services offered by a local hotel. He worked with hotel management to assess the overall services offered and made recommendations to add new menu items and amenities. More importantly, he trained staff individually, providing them with guidance and motivation in their specific roles. As a result, the hotel management noted more positive customer experiences because of the improvement in food and service quality. There was also a change in behaviour in staff practices. Overall, the improvement implemented increased the hotel’s occupancy rate from 75% to 85%.

The same dedication is present in all of Bryan’s assignments. Whether he is specifically training kitchen staff with health and safety procedures or interacting with front-of-house staff, Bryan approaches each assignment and partner with an objective of improving their businesses.

Client testimonial
“The work done by the VA was greatly appreciated, particularly the individualized approach for the staff members. He made very pertinent suggestions in each department of the ways to move forward. The VA was very effective and the client would love to have him back.” 1-800-268-9052
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