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Bill Pollock

Click here to read about Bill’s award ceremony in the Revelstoke Review.

Bill Pollock has been a CESO Volunteer Advisor for over 17 years, sharing his wealth of knowledge as a professional forestry engineer and outdoor ecotourism entrepreneur to CESO clients and partners around the world, and with Indigenous communities in Canada.

His work as a Volunteer Advisor showcases the diversity and depth of his knowledge, and his genuine desire to support clients and partners in achieving their objectives. In an assignment with the Association of Honduran Municipalities (AHMON), he assisted in developing a strategic and operational plan to control and eliminate the pine beetle infestation that plagued Honduran forests. Working in close collaboration with municipal leaders and AHMON staff, Bill produced a comprehensive report that included user-friendly and simple recommendations to mitigate and eradicate the plague. In addition, he helped form a training process to build knowledge-sharing and strengthen local capacity to continue the work initiated during his visit. This assignment resulted in significantly reducing the threat of further infestation, and in certain areas, completely stopped and eliminated the presence of pine beetles. Most importantly, government and AHMON staff are now equipped and empowered to solve future plagues.

He has also delivered impactful assignments in partnership with Indigenous communities across Canada. Most recently, he worked with the Matawa First Nations to produce a feasibility study reviving the community’s forestry sector. The assignment resulted in a shift of priorities as Bill identified critical economic, resource and infrastructure gaps for the forestry industry to thrive and be sustainable. While not a direct result of the assignment, it was a critical step towards the formation of a multi-year, multi-entity partnership that aims to develop entrepreneurial capacity across the nine communities of Matawa First Nations. Today, Bill continues to work with local leaders to establish and revitalize the forestry industry.

Client testimonial
“The recommendations made were understandable and will likely be implemented as there is political will to bring about change. The staff with the suggestions provided by the VA feel more confident and enabled to work more efficiently… They have eliminated high risk pines and stopped the spread of the pine beetle. This could not have been done without the VA’s involvement.” 1-800-268-9052
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