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Virtual Tourism Mentorship in the Northwest Territories

CESO Communications August 13, 2020

As the Government of the Northwest Territories, Department of Industry, Tourism, and Investment (ITI) continues to adjust its program delivery to reflect the COVID-19 environment, the Tourism Business Mentorships will be delivered virtually this year.

CESO will partner with GNWT-ITI to deliver the Tourism Business Mentorship Program, which provides opportunities and resources for interested Northwest Territories (NWT) tourism operators (mentees) to learn and benefit from experienced industry professionals (mentors). 

Special consideration will be given to matching NWT mentees with CESO mentors experienced in crisis recovery and skilled in delivering long distance support.

Mentees will receive 49 hours of mentorship on a schedule developed to suit their availability and using a wide variety of using virtual tools and platforms.

Applications for virtual tourism business mentorships are being accepted until August 17, 2020.



“We recognize that this is a difficult time for our tourism sector. Individual operators and service providers are both the face and foundation of our industry. By providing this opportunity for them to broaden individual knowledge, skills and expertise, we are also investing in the capacity and health of their businesses and our industry for the longer term recovery of the sector.”

-Katrina Nokleby, Minister of  Industry Tourism and Investment


Quick facts:

  • ITI will fund 10 Tourism Business Mentorships this year (twice as many as in a normal program year).
  • There were 150 Tourism Operator Licence (TOL) holders in the NWT in 2019-20.
  • 92 percent of respondents to a March tourism survey reported that COVID-19 has impacted their business


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