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Privacy Policy

Privacy Statement

Canadian Executive Service Organization (CESO) is committed to protecting the privacy of the personal information of its Advisors, employees, partners, and other stakeholders.

During the course of our CESO assignments and various activities, CESO frequently gathers personal information. Any use or dealing with this information is subject to consent. Anyone from whom we collect such information should expect that it will be carefully protected.

Personal Information

Personal information is defined as any information that can be used to distinguish, identify or contact a specific individual.

This can include:

  • Name, gender, address, ethnicity, identification documents

This does not include:

  • Business contact information and information that is publicly available such as names, addresses, and telephone numbers published in public directories

Privacy Practices

Personal information compiled by CESO is protected and kept in confidence. CESO does not capture or store personal information without consent.

CESO staff are authorized to access personal information based only on using the information for the purpose it was obtained. CESO does not share personal information with outside organizations/individuals without expressed consent.

CESO shall protect personal information by security safeguards (physical, electronic, and operational) appropriate to the sensitivity of the information. These safeguards are in place to prevent unauthorized access, maintain data accuracy and ensure the appropriate use of information.

Data Protection Policy

CESO strives to observe the law in all collection and processing of personal information and data. CESO will only use personal information for the purposes the information was obtained. CESO is committed to protect any sensitive data that is collected and stored.

Contact Information

Questions or concerns regarding CESO’s privacy policy and data protection policy should be emailed to 1-800-268-9052
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Privacy Policy