CESO has been devoted to improving social and economic opportunities for women and men in Peru for over 20 years, building long-term prosperity for individuals across the country.

Today, CESO’s programs in Peru aim to strengthen the tourism and hospitality sector, the nation’s fastest growing industry, to bring about vital economic growth. In collaboration with local partners, CESO supports sustainable tourism development, enhances the capacity of business owners and workers through training, mentoring, coaching and strengthens the voice of women in the sector. By transforming practices and creating new tools, CESO is helping tourism businesses provide the best possible services, attract more customers and increase wages.

CESO also provides training and advisory services in the agribusiness and manufacturing sectors, while also helping small businesses improve their business opportunities through exporting their products.

With a focus on women’s economic empowerment, CESO supports women-led organizations and government institutions dedicated to eliminating gender inequality. CESO provides training to improve women’s access to income-generating activities, markets and export opportunities. CESO empowers women to take on decision-making roles—helping businesses, households and communities flourish.