Through the Canada-CARICOM Expert Deployment Mechanism (CCEDM) project, CESO is working across the Caribbean to address priority needs identified by national governments while supporting efforts to strengthen and diversify local economies, build strong, climate-resilient communities and reduce gender and economic inequalities.  

Through this demand-driven and responsive project funded by Global Affairs Canada, we provide timely technical assistance to build the capacity of public institutions and support areas including policy development and implementation, finance, digitalization, human resources, gender, the environment, trade and economic diversification.

The devastating impact of COVID-19 on Caribbean economies has heightened the need to diversify economies and improve government effectiveness and efficiency to address socioeconomic inequalities and alleviate poverty. Working together for enhanced governance and the equitable distribution of goods and services, our focus remains on promoting resilient economic and social growth throughout the Caribbean community.

Sample Areas of Technical Assistance

  • Financial management
  • Gender equality
  • Governance
  • Human resource development
  • Local economic development and international trade
  • Natural resource management

Requests for Assistance

For more information on CCEDM and how to request assistance, please contact CCEDM@ceso-saco.com.