One of our original program countries, CESO has worked with local partners in the Philippines since 1968, completing more than 2,600 assignments in a range of sectors including manufacturing, agri-business, tourism and municipal governance. Our work in the Philippines contributes to job creation, sustainable income generation, and economic development, impacting local, regional and national levels.


Beekeeping in Dolores: Building Hives, Improving Lives

Video: How beekeeping is changing lives Dolores is a municipality in the Philippines that boasts abundant vegetation and agricultural landscape based at the foot of Mount Banahaw. The municipality dedicates over 3,000 hectares dedicated to farming vegetables and fruits tended by about 2,800 farmers. For CESO and its local partners, it’s an ideal place to pilot a beekeeping project. In 2010, Mayor Renato Alilio along with municipal staff and community members participated in a workshop led by CESO and the National Apiculture Research Training and Development Institute (NARTDI) on apiculture. For CESO and NARTDI,…

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A Day in Life of a VA on International Assignment

As a CESO VA who has completed assignments in Guyana, Colombia, Ecuador, Jamaica and the Philippines, I am frequently asked by friends and acquaintances interested in CESO, “What’s it like to be on assignment?”

Batanes Island, Philippines: Developing New Branding and Marketing of Sustainable Tourism

In July 2017, I travelled with CESO Country Representative Matt Navalta to Batanes to complete the…

DTI & CESO: Successful case studies in the Philippines

The Philippines’ Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) has a battle cry of “Enabling Businesses,” a…

Stories from the Philippines

Volunteer Advisor Jim Ross has been doing CESO assignments in aquaculture, watershed management and…

Producing Community Plans with Passion and Professionalism

Since becoming a CESO VA, I have had the most rewarding experience as a planner. I’d…