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MERIT supports responsible resource management aimed at sustainable economic and social development in order to improve the livelihoods of communities in Mongolia.

About us

The MERIT project supports responsible resource management aimed at sustainable economic and social development in order to improve the livelihoods of communities in Mongolia.

Technical Advisors (TAs) and the MERIT team in Mongolia combine the skills and knowledge to provide strategic support through volunteer assignments to effectively implement best practices, tools and systems adapted to local needs.

The project is implemented through a partnership between two Canadian non-profit organizations: CESO (Canadian Executive Service Organization) and WUSC (World University Service of Canada). MERIT is a seven-year project (2016-2023) funded by Global Affairs Canada.

Project outcomes:

•  Strengthening the capacity of public institutions working in natural resource management
•  Strong collaboration between public institutions, civil society organizations and local communities involved in resource sector
•  Supporting communities to participate in and benefit from local development
•  Mainstreaming and promoting gender equality in the resource sector
•  Strengthening institutions and developing a knowledge portal to ensure sustainability


With over 50 years of experience of working in Canada and around the world, CESO’s Volunteer Advisors share their senior-level professional experience to support clients and partners in creating sustainable economic and social change. For more information visit


WUSC (World University Service of Canada) is a Canadian non-profit organization dedicated to improving education, employment, and empowerment opportunities for youth around the world.
For more information visit

Areas of focus

Human Resource Competency Framework


Knowledge Portal

The MERIT Knowledge Portal publishes training and consulting documents prepared by Technical Advisors during the project implementation stage in Mongolia.

Public Sector Leadership


Results Based Management

The MERIT team ensures that the project’s activities remain within the intended scope of programming, and that activities’ objectives are in line with the overall objectives of the program.


Cross-cutting themes


MERIT integrates environmental sustainability in its programming and provides guidance, tools and resources to mainstream environmental sustainability into government policies, plans and decisions, and enhances staff and institutional capacity on environmental issues across all partner institutions.


Gender mainstreaming

MERIT applies a gender mainstreaming approach in its work with partners to ensure equitable access and benefit to project activities, resources and outcomes for women and men in Mongolia.


Volunteer Opportunities

Our volunteers make this project happen. To be eligible to apply for MERIT assignments, you must first become a CESO (short term assignments) or WUSC volunteer (long term assignments). Click the volunteer button below for more information. 

You can be a part of our work towards creating sustainable economic growth in Mongolia. Join us!


Short Term

Partner with CESO to make a difference in Mongolia.

Our short-term assignments are typically 3-4 weeks.

Log in here.

Long Term

Partner with WUSC to make a difference in Mongolia.

Our long-term assignments are typically 6-9 months.

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Director, International Services
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Senior Program Officer

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