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MERIT turns virtual to show continued support to project partners

Sugarmaa Bat-Erdene April 9, 2020

Organizations around the world are coming together to find new ways to connect and collaborate as we navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. MERIT and its Canadian Technical Advisors (TAs) are stepping up to meet this challenge by providing virtual mentoring and coaching to project partners. It has become clear that digital technology plays an important role in promoting the stability and sustainability of work in public organizations during the current situation.

For this reason, MERIT TAs are generously dedicating their time and effort in developing and delivering virtual training to project partners. Examples include Benjamin Ziegler, a Conflict Management Specialist, who is working with the Civil Service Council of Mongolia to strengthen their skills in effective dispute resolution in the workplace. Frank Potter, who has a rich experience in Strategic Planning in the Public Sector, is delivering his first virtual assignment on result-based planning at the National Development Agency. William Gow, who is a member of MERIT’s frequent TA club, is bringing his dedication and energy back to Mongolia to support MERIT’s provincial partners to reinforce the application of developed tools in performance management. 

Virtual assignments offer a low-risk, time-efficient alternative that meets the partner’s needs and priorities. 

Participants reported the ease of access to new information, and highlighted the convenience of learning and building new skills while focusing on their primary work responsibilities. They found the virtual training to be a great tool to facilitate collaboration and engagement despite the lack of in-person interaction.

A participant commented, “Virtual training provides a solution to our need to work remotely while allowing us to build our knowledge and skills”. Given the situation created by the COVID-19 pandemic, the timing of the virtual training supports MERIT’s partner organizations to move forward.

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