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July, 2019


First select Canada from the drop-down menu. Then select the country you will be working in with CESO. What similarities do you notice? What differences? Do you agree?


  • Centre for Intercultural Learning, Global Affairs Canada. Contact for complimentary copies (PDFs):

A Profile of the Interculturally Effective Person, Thomas Vulpe, Daniel Kealey, David Protheroe and Doug MacDonald
This ground-breaking study moves beyond such vague characteristics as “adaptability”, “tolerance”, and “sensitivity” to a detailed description of the actual behaviours exhibited by the interculturally effective person. A Profile of the Interculturally Effective Person is a comprehensive intercultural competency profile that is long overdue and a valuable addition to the library of HR professionals, trainers, and international managers.

Cross-Cultural Effectiveness – A Study of Canadian Technical Advisors Overseas, Daniel J. Kealey, Ph.D.
Does previous overseas experience guarantee success? Is culture shock something to be avoided? Can you select for intercultural effectiveness? Can you train for intercultural skills? A seminal work in the intercultural field, Cross-Cultural Effectiveness‘ findings challenge commonly held beliefs about what it takes to be effective in living and working in a new culture. The study defines the interpersonal skills and pre-departure attitudes which are predictive of overseas success and links these to the practical issues of selection and training. Cross-Cultural Effectiveness, first published in 1990 and updated and revised for this 2001 edition, is a must read for anyone involved in the international and intercultural fields.


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