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CESO strengthens our partners’ capacity through locally driven assignments delivered by CESO Advisors that provide training, mentoring and business and technical support. These advisory services may be delivered in country or remotely using the phone or the Internet, in what are known as virtual assignments.

Read more about how CESO can help your organization with virtual mentoring. 

How do virtual assignments work?

With an Internet connection and the proper tools, partners can connect with CESO Advisors who have experience working internationally and/or in Indigenous communities. Through virtual workshops and e-mentoring, CESO Advisors offer customized support to help partners build capacity and meet their goals. Virtual mentorship placements occur over a one to two month period.


What we offer

CESO offers both one-on-one and group training through focused e-mentoring and skills-building virtual workshops.

CESO Advisors work across the sectors of agribusiness, tourism and hospitality, natural resource management, microfinance, SME development and governance. 

Why choose CESO?

CESO empowers people, businesses, communities and institutions to drive economic development and improve lives by sharing the right expertise and experience. We have a roster of over 1,300 CESO Advisors and have completed over 50,000 international assignments to date.

CESO Advisors provide:

  • A partner-driven approach with training and workshops based on regional needs.
  • Expertise and knowledge for entrepreneurs and leaders through focused, one-on-one mentoring.
  • Ongoing support to ensure tangible and long-term results.


Factors for success

  • Shared documents and information: CESO will provide partners with a secure document sharing platform to ensure partner’s documents are kept private.
  • Partner liaison: Partners should determine one person as a liaison to communicate regularly with the Advisor and serve as a point of contact with CESO.
  • Workplan: In the case of one-on-one workshops, partners will collaborate with the Advisor to set up a workplan with key milestones and timelines at an early stage.
  • Schedule commitment: An Advisor and partner will need to determine a specific schedule that works for everyone involved at an early stage.
  • Connectivity: Access to the internet is required for a successful assignment.
  • Language: Virtual assistance is only available in English, French or Spanish (subject to availability).


Available tools 

CESO suggests that Partners and Advisors select the tools that work best depending on effectiveness and availability. Some recommended tools can be found below.

Communication tools:

  •  Phone
  •  Email
  •  WhatsApp
  •  FaceTime
  •  Skype
  • Google Meet
  • Microsoft Teams

Secure file sharing platforms:

  •   DropBox
  •  WeTransfer
  • Google Drive 1-800-268-9052
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