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Five Tips to Optimize your CESO Volunteer Resume

Jennifer Rovet October 22, 2015

Without a doubt, CESO Volunteer Advisors come to our organization having experienced tremendous success in their respective careers. When you have had such a rich and fulfilling professional experience, how do you effectively summarize it in two pages? Trust me, I know this is not an easy task

When you review your current resume ahead of applying for assignments, I encourage you to ask yourself the following three questions:


  • am I portraying my professional background in such a way that truly highlights my skills, experience and work accomplishments simply and in a concise manner?
  • would a recruiter read my resume and easily identify I have the skills and expertise (even transferable) to assist that particular client?
  • would a CESO client read my resume and want to select me to assist them with their assignment goals and objectives?

Here are my top five suggestions for creating a perfect resume for CESO assignments:

  1. Make a good first impression. Think carefully about your profile and how you want to showcase yourself and your wealth of experience in no more than 100 words.
  2. Aim for two to three pages in length. Provide relevant details that highlight your strengths.
  3. Keep it simple. Use clear and concise language, avoid any jargon or industry acronyms, and do not use colour or flashy graphics.
  4. Include specific keywords that might best highlight your skills and make your resume more relevant to the types of assignments that might interest you.
  5. Include any cross-cultural and adult education/mentorship experience, as well as international experience or experience working with Aboriginal communities, as appropriate.

I have created a simple resume template, designed to capture and summarize your skills, professional experience, education, and awards you have received. Please here for my template, and connect with me anytime if you have questions about your resume or profile. 1-800-268-9052
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