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DTI & CESO: Successful case studies in the Philippines

. November 8, 2017

The Philippines’ Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) has a battle cry of “Enabling Businesses,” a mission the agency fulfills by partnering with economic development organizations to equip micro-, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) with the skills and tools necessary for lasting success. One of these partners is CESO, whose trainings and seminars prepare clients to face the challenges in starting a thriving business.

Over the years, CESO has trained DTI’s clients in preparing business plans, monitoring cash flow and inventory, food safety management systems and beekeeping, all of which have enabled clients to expand their businesses. Below are three case studies of CESO’s impact in the Philippines.

1. Annie-Nestor Food Products in Nagcarlan, Laguna
One of the many MSMEs to benefit from CESO’s services was Annie-Nestor Food Products, a store in Nagcarlan, Laguna that specializes in espasol – a Filipino rice cake cooked in coconut milk and sweetened coconut strips, dusted with toasted rice flour. Before seeking help from DTI and CESO, the business was heavily in debt and in need of support. CESO Volunteer Advisor Douglas Johnson worked one-on-one with the owner, Ms. Annie Montefalcon, and taught her how to effectively monitor her cash flow using a spreadsheet software system. Through the use of this new tracking system, Montefalcon discovered that the business had been losing approximately $7,500 CAD in a six month span. Montefalcon began collecting the sales herself, and was soon able to pay off all of her debts. She now runs her business out of a new four-story building which serves as both a factory and an office.

2. Jhaz Footwear in Liliw, Laguna
Jhaz Footwear, located in Liliw, Laguna, sought CESO’s assistance in business operations. The owner, Nepthali Moneda, handled all business operations himself, which brought operations to a stand-still whenever he had to go to Manila to make deliveries or take new orders. With help from CESO VA Robert Bourbeau, Monda drafted business plan to expand operations, and Bourbeau recommended that Moneda hire additional personnel to handle production to allow him to focus more time and energy on marketing. After two years of success, Jhaz Footwear opened a store in a big mall in Manila and purchased a van to speed up deliveries.

Apiculture in Dolores, Quezon
In the verdant municipality of Dolores, Quezon, CESO spearheaded an apiculture initiative with DTI and the national Apiculture Research Training and Development Institute and recommended the town adopt beekeeping as one of their priority projects. Municipal Councillor Rico Acuna bought two starter colonies, and these colonies grew as more citizens were trained on queen bee production. In the first year, the beekeepers harvested 200 kilograms of honey to sell at the annual honey harvest festival. There was also a visible increase in fruit and vegetable production in the municipality, a side-effect of increased bee pollination. This doubled the income of local farmers and brought a new wave of prosperity to the people of Dolores. 1-800-268-9052
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