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Drone Map Training in Mongolia

Communications team August 10, 2019

MERIT collaborates with central and local government partners and communities across Mongolia on innovative projects such as Drone Mapping training.

This project provides hands-on ‘train-the-trainer’ workshops to local authorities responsible for monitoring mineral resources, environment protection, and land-use management.

The drone mapping and related training by CESO’s MERIT project, enables local governments to monitor and assess industry environmental impacts such as land use changes and ongoing reclamation efforts.

“Our work in innovative projects, such as the drone mapping training, not only allows for greater monitoring and transparency of the environmental impacts of the natural resource industry, it also builds capacity at the local level,” says MERIT Project Director Jennifer Adams.

The drone mapping project provides hands-on, train-the-trainer workshops by MERIT’s Canadian Technical Advisors to local authorities, who are responsible for monitoring mineral resources, environment protection, and land-use management in Mongolia communities.

The training contributes to more open communication with communities regarding infrastructure development and conservation efforts, which can result in greater community engagement.

This training builds capacity at the local level – those trained are able to train others in remote locations and share information with central level agencies, resulting in long-term expertise for Mongolians.

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