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Clan Mothers Healing Village: Holistic Approach to Health

CESO SACO November 21, 2018

Clan Mothers Healing Village provides a holistic approach to rehabilitating sexually exploited Indigenous women and girls. In addition to using matrilineal, Indigenous healing methodologies to address trauma, the organization also provides skill and capacity building to help women prepare for a healthy future.

Despite being a well-established organization, Clan Mothers Healing Village aims to increase their own financial independence by developing a social enterprise – the Clan Mother Earth Enterprise. CESO partnered with the Village to further develop their business plan, which will help them generate revenue to become a self-sustaining organization.

CESO Volunteer Advisors worked with the leaders of the organization to enhance and launch the social enterprise business plan. As a result of their collaboration, the community now has access to a well-developed business plan for the enterprise. It outlines development of new products to help generate income for the community. These products include offering traditional Indigenous medicine, delivering activism art classes, and developing solar energy enterprise. All of which directly aligns with the holistic values and approach of the community to economic development. 1-800-268-9052
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