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CESO (Canadian Executive Service Organization)

CESO empowers people, businesses, communities and institutions to drive economic development and improve lives around the world and in Canada by sharing the right expertise and experience. A not-for-profit organization since 1967, CESO Advisors are volunteers who devote their time and energy toward economic and social change in more than 500 assignments each year.

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Stronger Economies for Better Lives.


CESO empowers and connects people, businesses, communities and institutions. We enhance governance and drive economic growth by:

•   Strengthening capacity to engage, innovate and prosper

•   Delivering the right expertise, experience and networks

•   Fostering locally driven, sustainable solutions that are equitable, inclusive and environmentally responsible


  • Meaningful & Sustainable Impact

    We believe our activities are defined by the impact they produce for those with whom we work, and by their sustainability, long after our work is done. We accomplish this through the transfer of knowledge and skills by our highly-experienced Volunteer Advisors in a mentorship and advisory capacity.

  • Partnership & Collaboration

    We believe the best solutions come out of the convergence of multiple perspectives. We actively seek opportunities to work with others to identify common goals and synergies, and to develop mutually enriching and balanced outcomes. We believe through partnership and collaboration we will continue to push beyond the status quo to achieve exceptional results.

  • Volunteerism & Commitment to Service Excellence

    Active volunteers are an essential element of healthy communities. We encourage and support volunteerism that yields meaningful impacts for our clients and partners, and rewarding and professionally challenging opportunities for our volunteers. We aim to deliver the highest standard of service in everything we do.

  • Innovation & Creativity

    We believe there is always a way to push the boundaries to find new ways of solving problems, and that the best ideas emerge from challenges. We know to be truly innovative and creative, we must be open to taking risks and to reimagine ‘failure’ as a tool for learning.

  • Transparency & Accountability

    We are consistent, transparent, and accountable in our decisions and actions. Our direction is fuelled by integrity, and we consider the responsibility we bear to our stakeholders to be of vital importance. We employ a rigorous performance measurement and feedback system both to ensure the effectiveness of our impacts, and to continually learn, improve and evolve from every experience.

  • Respect for Diversity

    A profound respect for diversity and inclusivity is a part of our DNA, and it comes from a natural openness to and deep appreciation for different perspectives and new ideas. It permeates everything we do and guides our work in Canada and around the world.

The Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse policy is available here.

All additional CESO policies are available upon request.



Wendy Harris, CPA, CA CEO & President
Gale Lee Director, International Services, Asia, Americas and the Caribbean
Apollinaire Ihaza Director, International Services, Africa
Stacia Kean Director, Indigenous Services
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Geoffrey Bonner Director, Operations
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Michelle Ng Director, Finance
David King Director, Strategy & Innovation
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Shovan Chakraborty Director, Program Development & Learning
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Karin Seybold Senior Manager, Communications and Engagement
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Agatha Dudzinski Senior Manager, Volunteer Services (on maternity leave)

Board of Directors

Department Contacts 1-800-268-9052
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