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Marcus Beuk

What is your role or relationship with CESO?

Volunteer Advisor

How long have you been working or volunteering with CESO?

12 years.

What motivates you to work or volunteer with CESO?

I love sharing what I’m passionate about. I feel a certain obligation to share my skill set and experience. It’s very rewarding.

What is your most remarkable experience or memory of CESO?

Over the years there have been so many great experiences and wonderful memories. It’s difficult to pinpoint a particular assignment or country, but I found working with the Amerindians in the interior of Guyana particularly rewarding. Working with very little in extremely basic and rustic settings and seeing the progress and results achieved was extremely satisfying. It shows that success can be possible in even the most adverse situations.

Economic development is important because…

I believe economic development is important because it’s about building healthy economies, which in turn build healthy communities.

One specific benefit is job development. Economic development provides better wages, benefits and opportunities for advancement. It helps with business retention. Businesses feel appreciated by the community and are more likely to stay in town, contributing to the economy.

Another benefit is quality of life. More local tax dollars and jobs raise the economic situation for the entire community, including the overall standard of living of the residents.

A third benefit is the recognition of local products. Successful economic development often occurs when locally produced goods are consumed in the local market to a greater degree. 1-800-268-9052
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