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In-House Volunteers

CESO in-house volunteers play an essential role at CESO. They contribute to our daily operations, assisting with assignment recruitment, monitoring and evaluations, and sharing their insight and skills on team projects. For some, in-house volunteering has been like a second career – a way to keep busy in retirement. They become part of a team, collaborating with staff, clients and Volunteer Advisors.

Meet a few of our in-house volunteers:

“As a volunteer recruiter, I have the opportunity to interact with many of CESO’s Volunteer Advisors. I have always been remarkably impressed by the enthusiasm shown by our Volunteer Advisers for providing assistance in challenging areas of the world. Another remarkable experience is witnessing the enthusiasm and sense of purpose among the staff and fellow volunteers in CESO offices.”

– Khalil Zahr, Volunteer Advisor and in-house recruiter

“When I was retiring, the VP of Human Resources said that if I got bored I should consider volunteering with CESO as many of retirees had done before me. After six months of boredom, I joined CESO and have been most fortunate to have done upwards of 70 National assignments which has taken me all across Canada and north to Nunavut. In addition, I completed several assignments in Peru. I found Peru to be a most fascinating country, primarily because of the Inca and pre-Inca civilizations. CESO has been a blessing to me.”

– Gary Norton, Volunteer Advisor and in-house recruiter


“I feel that it is important to be a volunteer. My previous volunteering experience was with CUSO in 1976-77 when I took a leave of absence from my career. CESO is a similar NGO but with shorter assignments and was a good fit after retirement. Getting new recruits for urgent assignments when we could not fill them from our roster was always a satisfying experience. It allows those who require help to ultimately help themselves. Enjoy the experience!”

-Stan Gasner, Volunteer Advisor and in-house VA


“It’s always a remarkable experience when you first sit down with the client and discover that the expectations of the client and the reality of the situation are so far apart. You work creatively with the client to fulfill the needs and improve the understanding of the perceived problems over the course of the assignment. Helping the client to understand the problem is as valuable to the client as delivering what the client wants. It’s important for volunteers, and clients, to be flexible!”

-George Watt, Volunteer Advisor and in-house recruiter 1-800-268-9052
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