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Gus Ribeiro

What is your role or relationship with CESO?
Volunteer Advisor

How long have you been working or volunteering with CESO?
12 years

What motivates you to work or volunteer with CESO?
The opportunity to use my experience to help others use technology to improve their lives.

What is your most remarkable experience or memory of CESO?
We are all interested in making a difference, and we receive a lot of satisfaction when we succeed in passing on some useful knowledge that can help others. My most remarkable memory was an African assignment, where I was successful in training a handicapped NGO employee who was not supported by his superior. He really wanted to be part of the social mapping team, and I was able to include and train him.

Economic development is important because…
Too many in the global community are struggling to survive, so any economic development efforts would help those that need better health care, food, shelter and education. From the government side, economic development leads to provision of better infrastructure and services to stakeholders.

What advice would you give other Volunteer Advisors?
Be understanding of other societies and cultures. Take time to ask questions and listen. Be patient and try to adapt your knowledge and experience to fit into their local context.

Is there anything else you would like to add?
I have enjoyed my assignments with CESO and I hope to continue as long as my knowledge and experience is useful. 1-800-268-9052
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