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David Newhouse

What is your role or relationship with CESO?

Volunteer Advisor (Alumni)

How long have you been working or volunteering with CESO?

10 years.

What motivates you to work or volunteer with CESO?

The opportunity to give back and to help make a difference with the communities we work with.

What is your most remarkable experience or memory of CESO?

Meeting and speaking with the leadership of an Indigenous community college in Bolivia, and learning that they had decided to train tour guides as their first priority. They had decided that this was one of the best ways to change the views that were held about Indigenous people in Bolivia. It was an amazing insightful action.

Economic development is important because…

It creates opportunities for individuals and communities to make choices on their own. It’s a foundation for self-determination and self-government.

What advice would you give other Volunteer Advisors?

Keep your eyes and ears open. There is an incredible amount of knowledge in those we work with.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

CESO is an amazing organization full of dedicated and knowledgeable people, all willing to share their knowledge. 1-800-268-9052
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