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CESO in 1967-68

It was a late night discussion at the kitchen table of the Director General of Canada’s External Aid office Maurice Strong and several other prominent Canadian businessmen that the concept of CESO was formed.

The group wanted to find a way to bring Canadian expertise to the rest of the world, and they felt that matching retired Canadians who had solid technical and business skills with businesses in developing countries would make an indispensable contribution not only to developing economies, but also to the growth of Canada. 

In June 1967, Maurice Strong, along with Claude Hébert, C.A. Peachey and Clifford E. Soward, set to work conducting surveys in Africa and South America to gauge interest in CESO services. CESO officially established itself as an organization in December, 1967, with the collaboration of CUSO (Canadian University Service Overseas), and the External Aid Office (later re-named the Canadian International Development Agency).  In 1968, Hébert becomes CESO’s founding president.



Did you Know

Maurice Strong went on to become the first executive director of the United Nations Environment Programme in 1972.

Before Claude Hébert’s involvement with CESO, he was the President of Transparent Paper Products, Ltd.

Cyril A. Peachy

Claude Hébert

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