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CESO Club Organizers

CESO Clubs are integral to connecting CESO Volunteer Advisors, supporters and staff locally in their own communities. From lunch-and-learns to hosting events, CESO club organizers work to bring together volunteers and CESO supporters to connect their membership to CESO’s broader community.

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Some of our CESO Club organizers share their thoughts on economic development, volunteerism and creating local volunteer communities:

“Being a VA can be a little isolating. The CESO Club gives VAs the opportunity to connect with the community of volunteers to discuss assignments and what to expect.”

Debbie Scoffield, CESO Volunteer Advisor and CESO Club Organizer (Toronto)

“All of my 19 assignments since 2000 have been remarkable in some way. However, my first assignment best illustrates the political and economic changes in developing countries that I and other VAs have had the privilege of witnessing through our work with CESO.”

Priidu Jarand, CESO Volunteer Advisor and CESO Club Organizer (Vancouver)

“The goal of Montreal CESO Club is to help share best practices and our experiences in volunteering and development. It’s also a place to get to know each other and to create links between completed and upcoming assignments. With the internet, it’s easy to think that meeting in person is no longer necessary, but as with our overseas assignments, nothing can replace a face-to-face meeting between people who want to exchange their knowledge.”

Claude Paquette, CESO Lead Volunteer Advisor and CESO Club Organizer (Montreal) 1-800-268-9052
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