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What We Do

CESO volunteer advisor, Mary Lou Ware, conducts a workshop in Kawawachikamach, QC
Since 1967, CESO has been building stronger and more viable organizations and communities in Canada and around the world. We work with a variety of clients in both the private and public sectors through hundreds of assignments each year. Our primary service areas are strategic planning, business development, accounting and finance, organizational development, community development, governance and production and operations.

Partnering for sustainability: Our approach to program services

CESO’s approach to program services focuses on building relationships that improve the capacities of our clients. Through our targeted and customized one-on-one approach, CESO volunteers (or volunteer advisors), who are experts in their professions, collaborate with clients to conduct strategic and high impact interventions that produce immediate and sustainable results.
By identifying the needs of our clients CESO is able to design services around the specific skills and knowledge required for successful completion. All projects are collaborative and supported by a team of dedicated staff. By having the client involved in the development of the program, we are able to create a work plan that is comprehensive and effective. 

CESO Assignment Process

Please click here for a larger view of CESO’s assignment process.
Since CESO approaches services collaboratively, our program development process is flexible to the needs of the client.