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Our team


Board of Directors


CEO & President
Wendy Harris, CPA, CA

Chief Operating Officer, Head of Public Affairs & National Services

Janet Lambert

Director, International Services, Asia, Americas and the Caribbean
Gale Lee

Director, International Services, Africa and Haiti

Apollinaire Ihaza

Director, Communications and Engagement
Leah Oliveira


Director, Finance
Michelle Ng


Our Volunteers

CESO’s greatest asset is our volunteers. Our Volunteer Advisors have more than 10 years experience in their respective professions and it is through sharing their wealth of knowledge and skill that CESO has been able to complete more than 47,500 assignments across Canada and in more than 120 countries. Click here to find out more about how you can get involved as a volunteer.



International program services National program services Communications and Engagement

Communications and Engagement

Recruitment Manager
Jennifer Filson
Ext. 4100

Digital Media Officer
Karin Seybold Purdy
Ext. 4117

Communications and Engagement Coordinator
Kim Jose
Ext. 4046

International Program services

Program Manager - Asia and Americas
Beatriz Munarriz
Ext. 4106

Program Manager - Africa
Christine Simonnet
Ext. 5810

Program Officer - Haiti
Valerie Beauchemain
Ext. 6479

Senior Program Coordinator - National, Americas and Asia
Ashna Faroze
Ext. 4071

Senior Program Coordinator - National, Americas and Asia
Mai Nguyen
Ext. 4082

Program Coordinator – National and Africa

Natalie Benoit

National Program services

Head of National Services
Janet Lambert
Ext. 4113

National Aboriginal Affairs Manager- Quebec and Atlantic
Allison Deer
Ext. 5809

Client Relations Manager- Northern Region
Devin Woods
Ext. 4081

Client Relations Coordinator
Nathalie King
Ext. 6445

Client Relations Coordinator
Khulan ZalaaUul
Ext. 4111

Client Relations Coordinator
Christopher Robinson
Ext. 4078